Below are some brief descriptions of possible Master's and undergraduate thesis topics related to research done by the Distributed Systems Group. Ideally, before starting work on the thesis, you would have completed all or almost all your course requirements and be willing to devote at least one full semester to the project. This is particularly true for Master's theses. We would meet regularly to brainstorm and to discuss progress and problems along the way. For Master's and PhD students (and potentially very strong undergraduate students), if the qualifications and timing are right, we may be able to provide you with funding.

Potential Master's thesis topics

Many of the descriptions below will make more sense if you have taken the graduate courses MDE 518 (Advanced OS) and MDE 519 (Distributed Systems).

Potential Undergraduate Thesis Topics

The following are possible undergraduate thesis topics. These are difficult as they require the student to work, for the most part, independently and to take initiative in answering questions on his/her own. Each involves building a system or application from scratch.

All of the above undergraduate projects require motivation and drive on the student's part. If you have the appetite to work independently and take initiative to seek answers to questions on your own and would like to work on one of these topics, please email your cv and a transcript to